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- Bangalore ,International
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Gr8 Service! We were searching for service and your company provides a service get true screening for our potential hires!! I would recommend your service to everyone.
Free Resumes
Access to Free Resumes through proven agencies and recruiters
Easier to use
Support both your fulltime and contract requirements
Very Economical
Award only if you select the candidate through Job360
Name your award
You can define the award amount for the selected candidate upfront.
Get Screened Candidates
Oursystem allows agencies to screen the candidates before presenting to you.
Free to use
Free resume management system
Candidate Screening Capabilities
Access to candidate screening system for a lowest cost.
Work directly with end clients
Work directly with the clients, eliminate middle vendors (preferred vendors)
Contract & Fulltime Requirements
Access to fulltime as well as contract and contract to hire requirements
Safe Billing and Payment system
Safe Billing and Payment system governed by Job360 to ensure your payment
Free resume search
Free resume search from various sites
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- San Francisco, CA
- Shanghai, China
- Woodridge, IL
- Sandy Springs, GA
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